[Password manager] What happens if "backup files from cloud storage" are damaged or lost? ▫


what happens if “backup files from cloud storage” are damaged or lost? Is it true, that in this case you will lose all passwords?

Basically, that’s correct because all passwords are encrypted in the file stored on cloud. In Trezor device only private key is stored to decrypt the passwords.

Isn’t is dangerous? I mean what if those cloud storage services will somehow lost those files? What if someone will “hack into” the cloud storage and remove the file completely with the historic versions and backups as well?

In reality, I can’t think of any situation now, when it can be a real threat, but somehow it seems to me really dangerous. Basically it is a single point of failure, right? If you lose access o the cloud storages / to those encrypted files with passwords, you lose everything, all passwords to everything. It just scares me…

UP. Can somebody help to answer?

Hi @kokosak

Well, if the file is lost, then passwords are lost as well. You might do some backups of the file from time to time to minimize the risk of losing all your passwords.