Password manager trezor suite support

Requesting to have password manager added to Trezor suite so it can locally decrypt the saved passwords and not depending on cloud services.

Do not merge or delete this topic, it is a genuine new feaure request that needs attention as there has been no updates concerning the password manager.

If dropbox stops working with Trezor like Google did, then we have no access to our encrypted passwords.
Exporting it in plain text and locally encrypting it yourself is not a valid solution, Trezor stands for security and that is just a no no imo…

There are no plans to add TPM to Suite, it is a separate project. But thank you for feedback.

Are there any plans at all for the password manager?

One thing I wonder about is seeing about having the Trezor wallet added to KeePass and other utilities as a hardware device to protect data. Unlike the current configuration that supports YubiKeys, if I lose my Trezor device, I can buy another one, restore from a code, and be back up and running, which makes the Trezor wallet an excellent and extremely secure companion to KeePass.

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I would even be willing to pay for Trezor version, that way they actually get some extra revenue and can host it on their own servers instead of 3rd party servers.

I already switched to nordpass now, i’m not taking any risks anymore… I think this project is dead in the water and it was nice while it lasted. :slight_smile:

Nordpass is great but any password manager which saves your passwords in cyberspace is a security risk. Lastpass was hacked a few years ago, for example. I’d advice you to use a local password software which saves your passwords encrypted to your disk. It may not sync your passwords between devices, but is much more secure.