Password Manager stopped working


I have been using the password manager without any issues, but as of last night it stopped working.

when I click the Chrome App, I click on sign in with dropbox and you just see the loading icon going in circles but nothing happens!

Please can you assist?

I have the same problem from today. Couldn’t connect to the dropbox at first. Then I uninstalled the application. I updated it, but I cannot reconnect the keys with passwords to the Trezor. I see a file in the PSWD format in the folder, but I don’t know how to do it. How can I do it? For the last 6 months I have saved all passwords not on my PC. but on the Trezor. There are no copies, all the data remained on the Trezor or Dropbox ???


I am having to uninstall the chrome trezor password manager and reinstall it for it to work. works for awhile but when I leave it idle for awhile, and come back to it, I have to start the whole process again.

Can someone from Trezor please advise??

friend, apparently, we are alone with you!

Hey guys

Unfortunately, during the time, Google has changed some T&C for Chrome apps which is why the Drive integration might not have been working.

I wonder what might be the issue with Dropbox here.

Could you please, share some more information about your issues? Namely, what FW version have you been using?
Also, when did the issue occur? Was it after the firmware update?
Have you been using the latest Chrome version?

As for data migration, see our wiki User manual:Password Manager - Trezor Wiki

During the day I tried to solve this problem, a lot of things were done, and now I can no longer say what was before and what was after. I find the keys to passwords in the dropbox, but I don’t know how to connect them to the Treser. It would be nice to get detailed instructions on how to do this from you. thanks

Hi Pavel

My issue is with the chrome app, it was working on chrome and brave browser without any issue.
When I restart my pc or if trezor is inactive for a few hrs, I go to the chrome app and click dropbox but nothing happens, it just stuck at the loading screen.

To fix this, I have to uninstall the app and then reinstall it again through the chrome app store.

This has only started happening since I upgraded to the latest FW 2.4.2.

All my browsers are completely up to date.


Recently have been made some changes in TPM, possibly causing this issue. Now, it’s been reverted.

Could you let us know whether the issue persists?

Restart the browser. If there is no change, re-install the app. Thx.

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Hello Pavel. You probably didn’t quite understand my problem! How can I contact you for a faster solution to this problem? WhatsApp Twitter?