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Hopefully I am writing this under the correct topic.

I am a new owner of the Trezor Model T and was really excited to use the password manager, but I am having problems. When I load up a website using the password manager, the username and password are filled out and then immediately disappear, leaving me to manually enter the password each time. I am using the Chrome and Brave browsers (would like to find a fix for these browsers).

Are there any fixes to this?

Thank you!

Hi @Isaac1

The issue has been discovered already. Unfortunately, this is caused by a certain specification of the HTML page, which is why it is happening only on certain websites. Anyway, currently there is no fix available, nor ETA.

can you please share what exactly is causing this on certain websites, so at least website devs can fix it on their side?

Hi @Penguin

The whole issue is closely related to the fact that Google has recently changed its terms & conditions which causes that Trezor Password Manager app cannot access Gdrive where your encrypted file with passwords is stored at.

We’ve already filed the necessary changes with Google, however, it’s still being reviewed by Google, at this moment the ball is on their side of the playground and there is nothing we can do to speed this process up. In the meantime. It’s possible to transfer your passwords file into a Dropbox, you can find a step by step manual on how to do this on our wiki: User manual:Password Manager - Trezor Wiki

is there news from google? Drive still doesn’t work in Password Manager.
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When I try connect to Trezor password manager by google account, google write me this app is blocked. I have my private google account (not google workspace). I don´t now how to fix it … ?

Whenever I try to access an error occurs, I heard reports that access to the password manager via google drive is no longer possible, could you inform the reason and if there is a possibility of access to the drive returning to normal?

@Rostislav, @johnerick,

See this message above in this thread.