Password Manager google drive not work ? what you do now?

its advertised to work with dropbox and google drive but it isnt. does trezor hâve an alternative? cant be we buy an expensive tool that is advertised to work and it isnt. and i dont buy just an dropbox account for this manager, i bought trezor as crypto wallet and password tool… whats the plan?

Google has recently changed its terms & conditions which results in the fact that our Trezor Password Manager app cannot access Gdrive where your encrypted file with passwords is stored at.

We’ve already filed the necessary changes with Google, however, it’s still being reviewed by Google, at this moment the ball is on their side of the playground and there is nothing we can do to speed this process up. In the meantime. It’s possible to transfer your passwords file into a Dropbox, you can find a step by step manual on how to do this on our wiki: User manual:Password Manager - Trezor Wiki