Password manager function?

How does Trezor password manager compare to Bitwarden?
I use Bitwarden for my passwords, but for crypto I have about 200 usernames and passwords printed on paper.
I am not confident Bitwarden is safe enough for my crypto.

Would be handy to move the paper list to Trezor if possible?

Suite version: 22.3.2.
Firmware version: 1.10.5.

I have downloaded the Trezor Password Manager extension, however the screen just spins to show it’s doing something, but nothing happens?
Brave browser Version 1.36.116 Chromium: 99.0.4844.74 (Official Build) (64-bit) > Extensions > Trezor Password Manager (Version 0.7.2) > Sign in with Drive > spinny thingy shows.

Managed to make the Trezor Password Manager extension work with Dropbox…doesn’t work with Google Drive.