Passphrase Question

Hey Guys,

I recently opened my trezor and put my passphase, I could’ve sworn I put the right passphase when trezor said this is an empty wallet without recent transactional history on it which is impossible. I tried it again and it loaded it with my funds but I put the exact same passphrase or at least I think I did.

To end the story I re-put the passphrase 10 more times with the same passphrase and my funds were always showing, could it be that the trezor glitched? Or when I hit the enter button I may have touched another letter? I also did not update my firmware could this play a factor as well?

Let me know if anyone has similar experience but I am happy nothing happened to my funds and it was probably a fat finger mistake.


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most likely human error typo

just double test your backups

you could buy a separate HW as a tester wipe it afterwards
this rules out a possible faulty device

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Yeah did that today with another device everything, I can confirm that I will not be using my thumb anymore only index finger. haha

Just do one more check and make fresh copies. You can even put them right next to your original backups.

You could buy second device just to rile out a faulty device if you have several hardware wallets this is a good idea to have a blank device as what I call a”seed tester” add a tiny amount of doge coin in it own account/wallet that you only use to show a balance

Just wipe the blank device once tested and confirmed

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