Passphrase i've always used now doesn't work

I’ve seen a lot of posts sort of like my problem but no solutions. Short story: I’m using metamask extension on firefox and can see my trezor account (the where i hold assets and use my Trezor to approve transactions). But, when i try to do a transaction, I’m able to unlock my Trezor with the pin, asked to enter my passphrase (the one i’ve always used, for months, but in Chrome) to access hidden wallet. At that point everything freezes up. Metamask says it’s an issue with Trezor. I can’t use Chrome as normal because i restarted mm from seed phrase on new computer and of course only my normal mm wallet shows up. I tried ‘connect to hardware wallet’ which looks like it all works fine but it created a new account/address (sorry, tech-dumb) that is NOT the address where all my assets are hanging out.

Hi @changeyourroadmap,

you are most likely entering a different passphrase, which means your Trezor can’t provide the right private key for the address you want to sign. You can find more information on passphrase (and what happens if you use a different passphrase) in the video from this thread: [VIDEO] Passphrase manual and explanation

Also, please check if recovery seed in your Trezor matches your recovery seed backup. You can find information on how to perform this check here: Check your seed (Dry-run recovery) - Trezor Wiki

If your recovery seed check is successful, the issue is caused by entering a different passphrase.