Passphrase - and turning off

Hello. Sorry if this is a stoopid question… I consider myself fairly knowledgeable, but always learning.

Say you had a Trezor and when you set it up you read about pass-phrases and decided to use one, but as you were going to change your security setup (moving to multisig) you then wanted to not use that passphrase anymore. Can you simply turn it off in the Trezor app settings, or do you need to move coins to a non hidden wallet - or another device, then erase the Trezor and move back.
Any advice gratefully received.

The second alternative. You have to move the funds out of the Hidden wallet – to the Standard wallet is easiest and safest. You don’t have to erase the Trezor device but if that empy Hidden wallet (you won’t see it if you don’t access it) bothers you then you can do that, of course, after you’ve moved all funds out to a temporary wallet outside the Trezor.

When you turn off use of Passphrase in the settings you won’t be able to access the Hidden wallet anymore.

Thx for that, much appreciated

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