Parcel Never Delivered, support not getting back to me following countless emails

I have been left with no other choice but to create a forum post, which is another waste of my time and patience dealing with this matter

Please help, the below emails were sent on the 3rd of April, and still no response from Trezor support apart from that the ticket is closed, the chat bot Hal is useless and never puts me through to live support, extremely let down, feeling robbed by a company that has a good reputation.

Following up on the item that was paid for and never received, i received an email suggesting to me to close the ticket, how can a ticket be closed that was never resolved, extremely disappointed in the speed and lack of assistance received in resolving this matter.

Below is the last email sent on the 24th, no response, and now I’m being asked to close the ticket, very upsetting I genuinely don’t want to ask for a refund, as I have been recommended Trezor from friends which believe it to be a great product, but I will be left with no other choice if this matter is not now dealt with urgently, i will also file a complaint to a consumer rights group regarding the matter.

Hi Jana

I am now 100% certain the Trezor never arrived, the courier company have also failed to respond to my messages, and have been left very disappointed with their service, 0 proof has been provided by them that the item was actually ever delivered, I also checked with all neighbours, and the parcel is not there either.

Can we organize for this to get sent out again please, and please use another courier company, if possible.

Most delivery companies leave a card through the door with instructions if someone is not in, and the item can then be picked up from their depot.
I would like to sign for the item when delivered this time round and the signature should only be accepted from myself, and happy to present my I’d at the time of signing. If I’m not in, the delivery company should leave the item at a local depot, with an instruction note or email to be picked up.

Looking forward to finally receiving the Trezor I ordered weeks ago, and hoping everything runs smoothly this time round.

Tracking No [H025ZA0002470810]

Please let me know next steps at your earliest convenience


You have received multiple answers from our agent (who investigated with the delivery company).

15 days ago you were asked to sign an affidavit about lost order which you did not unfortunately. And did not provide and answer if you want to to resend or refund.

I have forwarded your latest ticket to the agent, you will get an answer soon.

The below is the only email I recieved on the 17th of April which is what you might possibly be referring too, which as you can see has no mention of an investigation with the delivery company or any mention of an affidavit form, i have no idea where those emails are going to, but they are definitely not coming to me.

Dear …

Thank you again for coming to us with your inquiry, we hope you found the answers you needed. If you still need help, please send us a reply and we will reopen your case.

If you have any questions in the future, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Thank you, and have a great day.

that is an automatic email after no response, please check your spam too. We will send another response.