Over a month without update on delivery

Dear Trezor Team,

I have been trying to get my Trezor device for over a month, but I have not yet received them.

I ordered 2x Trezor Model T on 17/08/21; invoice number IN21081900259 - order number 9k3Z3PQ8TdM2D4w1LS4zk6GQCm5iPh

Having checked the tracking number: JD052061739GB the tracking doesn’t work.

Please could I have an update with the order?



Hi @Assassins

Thank you for reaching out. Sorry we didn’t reply any time sooner.

Anyway, based on tracking nr. your parcel should have been delivered by now. See in detail https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/tracking-results/JD052061739GB