Out of gas error repeated error when transferring Ethereum to kraken from trezor


trying to transfer ethereum from my trezor to my kraken account but despite several attempts on different days i keep getting out of gas error. im using the normal recommended gas limits and gwei on trezor and have double checked its suitable on ether gas stattion site. the value of transaction is £150 so not sure if that has any effect? please help as it looks like my ethereum is stuck on my trezor

can you please provide transaction ID? Also try to use Metamask or Myetherwallet paired with Trezor.

Same problem. Last transaction ID (with increased gas limit) is 0xd99a01b9bb1c5cad57315bae04b206a03b72fe244836d6550baff8c4c0a2df0e

you need to use more gas when interacting with a contract, as per my last post, try to use MM or MEW.