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我输入 pin 显示错误。 但我使用钱包2年多,从未忘记过pin码(纯数字的)
我比较苦恼,担心仅仅 使用 24个助记词是否能恢复成功。

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what means 【legacy seguit accounts】?


恢复这个账户是否必须用 24个助记词和 自己单独设立的数字和字母混合的密码?

Hi @Jonah09251114,

you can find information on Legacy Segwit addresses and other types of addresses in this thread: Legacy Segwit Accounts?

I can also suggest reading this post on our Trezor Blog: Bitcoin addresses and how to use them | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

In case your PIN is not recognized, you can always factory reset your Trezor, recover your wallet with recovery seed and set a new PIN. To access hidden wallet (protected with a passphrase) you need to enter the correct passphrase.

You can find information on how to proceed if your PIN is not accepted here (see section “What if I’ve lost my PIN and I can’t access Suite?”):

Trezor Model One: Wiping your Trezor Model One - Trezor Wiki
Trezor Model T: Wiping your Trezor Model T - Trezor Wiki

Information on how to recover your wallet with recovery seed can be found here:

Trezor Model One: https://wiki.trezor.io/Recover_your_wallet_-Trezor_Model_One
Trezor Model T: https://wiki.trezor.io/Recover_your_wallet