Original standard wallet on Trezor suite is by default mislabeled as "Hidden wallet #" without passphrase on

Wallet on Trezor suite is mislabeled by default as “Hidden wallet #” without passphrase on. I never activated passphrase and it’s always been an original standard wallet. Not have I renamed wallet label. When I enter my PIN the Trezor suite dashboard opens up correctly as with any standard wallet, but on the upper left corner it is mislabeled by default as “Hidden wallet #”, which is weird. This is on a Trezor One. I had Trezor wallet a long time ago before the paraphrase feature was introduced, but I never activated passphrase and have always been using the original standard wallet.

Screenshots attached.
1 - Standard Wallet Mislabelled Hidden wallet #

Apparently there are other Trezor users who experienced the same issue but without resolution: Reddit - Dive into anything

Thank you in advance for feedback. Appreciate it, as it appears many other Trezor users also experience the same issue. I suspect a simple labeling typo issue by Trezor suite. Otherwise the wallet functions correctly as an original standard wallet.

Hi @trezor369,

may I ask you to try if the issue also persists in the web version of Trezor Suite?

Also, try resetting the Trezor Suite. You can reset Trezor Suite in “Settings” (gearwheel symbol in the top right part of Trezor Suite). Navigate to the “Application” tab and select “Reset app”.

If it doesn’t help, please try to uninstall your Trezor Suite desktop application, download the latest installation file from this source https://suite.trezor.io/ and install it again.

In case the issue still persists, please try to “Wipe app data”. This option can be found in the “Debug” tab that will be shown after clicking the “Settings” sign 5 times.

Please, let me know whether resetting, reinstalling or wiping of app data helped to solve the issue.

Also, please let us know what version of Trezor Suite desktop app you use, what version of firmware is installed on your Trezor device and what OS you use. Thanks!