Ordered 1 week ago still not sent


I have ordered a Trezor last week, but the tracking info never changes, it’s always on: Order Processed: Ready for UPS.

Order number: 4u1SfWhqHBbYfcFJrRCzLCfrcYSmgD
Tracking number: 92748902711936543475054311

Contacting UPS they told me they didn’t receive the package yet, even tho in my order details at Trezor it says it has already been shipped…

What is the correct status of my order?

Hi @Felipe
Please submit a ticket at https://trezor.io/support/logistics/form/ and post here your ticket ID. Thanks!

Ticket id: 97881.

There you go.

Hi, thanks for the ticket ID. One of our agents will soon get back to you.