Order stuck at customs (missing documents from Trezor)

Hi Guys,

I ordered a Trezor on Monday with Express delivery. This order should have been delivered yesterday, but unfortunately still was not delivered. I called UPS today and they told me that the delivery is stuck at the customs in Czech Republic, because Trezor did not provide the right documentation. UPS is not doing anything until you deliver them the documentation.

Can you please help here? I don´t know why I paid for express delivery if it is delayed like this.

Thank you for your support!

Kind regards,

Hi guys,

I have also raised a support ticket now (ID: 108434), but I received a reply that its very busy and I might need to wait for 2 weeks for an answer. I am sorry, but this I really cannot accept. I would really like to know what are you doing to solve this issue, because my package should have been delivered yesterday and now I have no idea where it is anymore. UPS told me that they need to start an investigation from their side as well. I have paid the express fee for fast delivery, but if I do not get any support today, I will cancel this order and contact my bank, to block the amount on my credit card. For a big company like Trezor I think it is really not professional to keep customers waiting for 2 weeks, which I hope will not happen, but that is just the reply that I got for now.

I kindly ask you again, to please help me out with the order, and otherwise I will withdraw this order immediately.

Thank you for your support and fast response.

Kind regards,

Hi @LuRaZ, thanks for your ticket ID, one of our agents will get back to you during the day to sort this out.

Thank you very much, highly appreciated!