Order Paid but on Hold

Hi, I have paid for my Trezor One order, however my order now says paid, on hold. I have submitted a ticket for this issue, but can I please get assistance to have my order shipped to me as soon as possible?

Order token is: 5wxogsys9LWPRgA53HAinRwA8uHj29.


I also havent received an order confirmation via email, so please confirm my order has been processed correctly. Thank you.

Have you received a reply yet?

Not yet unfortunately

@MichalZ could you or another community support be able to comment please?

Your order will be dispatched within next two business days and you will receive the notification email with the tracking information right after that. (please check your spam folder as well).
Also, could you please provide your ticket ID ?
Thank you.

@MichalZ thanks for the reply. My ticket IDs are 105925 and 105927, that relate to confirmation of payment receipt and another regarding billing address. Thank you!