Optimism on Trezor Suite app

I don’t know how to add Optimism to receive on Trezor Suite app. I just found a video about using on Metamask wallet.
On your site, OP is supported on Trezor Suite, how can I do that?

Hi @tindoantrong,

Trezor Suite supports, among others, Ethereum coins and Ethereum ERC-20 tokens. I searched Etherscan and didn’t find it, neither did I find it as an ERC-20 token on Coinmarketcap.

I found it as an EVM on ChainList, using the OP Mainnet. As far as I know, EVMs aren’t natively supported by Trezor Suite so I suspect this is incorrect information (again) in the List of supported coins, if not Trezor Suite has gotten support for EVMs recently. @radekP may know this better than I.

However, your Trezor device supports EVMs but you must use MetaMask (MM) or similar 3rd party site to interface with your Trezor device so you can see and interact with your EVM.

See video here:

And an example on how to use MM with Trezor for EVMs. This example is for the Arbitrum network but just substitute that for OP Mainnet and use the contract address for OP:

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Hi @Radek,
Please check capture attachment. Why on the official site, that wrote OP is supported on Trezor Suite?

Thank you

Hi @tindoantrong,

I can confirm that the information provided by @Petosiris is correct. Optimism is EVM, Trezor Suite doesn’t support EVMs currently. It means that 3rd party wallet (for example MetaMask) needs to be used together with your Trezor device in order to manage Optimism on the Optimism network.

We are very sorry for the wrong information provided on our coinlist and thank you for pointing it out. The information about Optimism is corrected.