Opensea and MetaMask will not allow signing of transactions to place items for sale that are stored in my Trezor wallet

I have the same issue.
I been using Trezor for NFT almost a year now, it works fine.
Now that Opensea have a new whole contract, i can’t sign new contract, the popout notification that i usually get failed to open and automatically say " You declined the action in your wallet. "
But this only not work in Opensea, it works fine in other marketplace.
I think we need quick solution in this, i have like 100+ friends using trezors too and facing the same problem.


Hello i have same problem with OS im doing swing trading and now im loosing money by these issue …

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I have the same issue.

I can’t put things for sale on opensea and I have the trezor updated.

I can transfer the NFT’s though. Is there gonna be a solution to this?

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Yup same here. I have been using Trezor linked to Metamask on Opensea for the past few months with no issues. Currently with the new wyvern contract it makes signing impossible. Please help!!!

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I was able to complete an NFT listing on OpenSea last night using instead of Metamask. You might look into that.

same here. My Trezor wallet can’t sign the new OS contract

yeah same, trezor should follow this up to metamask,
or atleast tell us a way around this stuff

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this is the PR that needs to be merged, integrated into metamask and deployed:

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Do we need to do this manually, or will metamask or trezor update it officialy?

Metamask extension is updated automatically if not set otherwise:

My metamask is updated, and still have the same problem.
We cannot sign the new contract in opensea.
When the real update to solve this problem will be deployed?

this question is rather for MetaMask.
You can follow the progress here:

Alright seems like we need to wait another few days til they deploy the update automatically to the metamask extension. Not all of us is smart enough to do this manually and iam scared about the safety of my assets by adding it manually.

Thankyou for your help, MichalZ.

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Is there a solution from this? My nft stuck I need to sell it for my liquidity :frowning: Please help meeeee I need moneyyy. cant sell my nfts hhuhuhhuh

if you wanna sell it now, you can recover your trezor seed phase to metamask then you can sell it with metamask without trezor.

i’m still waiting too. i cheer up the support team to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Hello, I see that MM have merged their changes. Is it working now, because I am still facing the same issue.

I am seeing the same issue still

@MichalZ can you please confirm if it’s up so far? The MM merge you had linked above said it’s in but I am still unable to list anything.

I have the same problem, my third confirmation step in opensea appears this message “You declined the action in your wallet.” and I can’t list my NFT