One Trezor in 2 different places (1x Germany, 1x Panama)

Hi there,

I would like to keep a Trezor in 2 different places (1x Germany, 1x Panama). So if I put BTC onto my Trezor in Panama, then the Trezor in Germany should have access to exactly the same BTC and of course store even the same. I can therefore manage the coins from Panama for my business in Germany. Is that possible?

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Hello @HelenaS

The coins are stored on there respective blockchains
your trezor holds the keys to the addresses where your coins are on the blockchain.

You can access these as along as you have an internet connection. Your physical location doesn’t matter.

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If both devices have the same seed? Then yes.

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Yes, I think so. Same seeds means:

I start using Tezor 1 and then use the passphrase from Trezor 1 to start Trezor 2. So I can use Trezor 1 in Panama and send my BTC to Trezor 1. However Trezor 2, that stays in Germany, shows the same amount of BTC as they have got the sam seed. Means my partners in Germany have fully excess to the amount off BTC. Is that correct? Does that work?

May thanks!!

Yes, two devices with the same seed will have access to the same Bitcoins.