One ronin address changed in wallet


so I always leave the passphrase blank when I connect my trezor wallet to get a ronin address. The weird thing is I got 4 ronin addresses chronologically but the other one which is my main wallet, is not in the blank passphrase although I got all of them at the same time.

I have been trying out all the passphrases that I could think of that I might use (403 paraphrases to be exact) and I still couldn’t find the main ronin address. My problem is I sent some $SLPs there and now I can’t retrieve it anymore and I have been trying out all the passphrases for a couple of days now and it is depressing because those SLPs were meant for my medication (kidney stones).

I just tried out making a topic here to see if there is still hope in resolving my issue or I’ll just move on and accept what happened to my situation. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or idk. Thanks!


Hi @xavier0991,

Have you tried to login to that particular account without filling out a Passphrase (leave it blank)?
Even if you made all four accounts at the same time, you may’ve created one of them from the Standard wallet, maybe? Or you have misspelled your Passphrase when you created that fourth account?

I have also tried logging it in the axie marketplace without using a passphrase but there’s no binary confirmation for that ronin address.

I got all of those ronin wallets at the same time (no passphrase) without using my keyboard so it’s highly improbable for me to put a passphrase.

Ok, you made all accounts without a Passphrase. I understood it as you made all of them with a Passphrase.

I’d advice you to search these forums for your issue, there are many threads about Ronin so it’s likely you’ll find a thread which concerns the same issue you have.

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