Old Trezor Suite available to support using Trezor with Firmware 1.5.2


is there a way to use Trezor with the old firmware 1.5.2 without updating the firmware to the latest version? (Currenty the latest Suite as well as Bridge force me to update).

Either an old Trezor Suite version that supports the old firmware or a different solution.

Thanks a lot!

I know that there is https://old-wallet.trezor.io/.
But unfortunately this does not help with 3rd party wallets like MyEtherWallet.

Is there a way to install an old Trezor Bridge to support 3rd party wallets?

Hi @DProfi, if you want to use ETH wallet with your outdated firmware, you can try the legacy wallet of MyCrypto: https://legacy.mycrypto.com/
It should work with the outdated firmware.
If that works and you are able to transfer your funds, I suggest updating the firmware to keep your Trezor up to date.