Not Connecting (I’ve tried Everything)

When I plug the Trezor in it comes on. I put my password in and it logs me in on the device but Suite still says not connected. I’ve tried everything…

Restarted computer
Redownloaded Suite
Different Computer
Tried downloading the bridge

So on and so on. Literally did everything. What the hell os going on. Super frustrated I’m not able to get to my funds.

Note: All of this started happening after I downloaded the recent update.

Support saying it will be 14 days until they get back? Two fing weeks are you kidding me? This is a joke. Can anyone pin point what the hell is going on here?

Could you please provide your ticket ID ?
Thank you

This is now happening to me too, since the update for the suite. Only with my Trezor T tho, I can still connect my Trezor 1 but thats a different wallet address and seed phrase. Have you gotten a resolution for this?

please try multiple cables transmitting both, power and data.