Not able to import my Meta Mask onto the Trezor

Hi guys,

Outside of the Trezor, whenever I add my 12 word phrase into my Meta Mask, it opens a blank account. So I have to import my Private Key String and from there it is able to open up my account with a different wallet address showing all my tokens. That is the only way to show my tokens by added the Private Key String.

So when attempting to set up the Trezor, I am able to add the 12 word phrase into my Ledger but it pops up my empty wallet; basically nothing gets added to my Trezor. How do I add my Private Key String so that it can import my main wallet with my coins on it?

When you say 12 word phrase, I guess you mean the 12 word Recovery seed for Trezor. Never enter this Recovery seed on a website unless you have emptied the wallet(s) in your Trezor first, or you cannot access your wallets, but never give it to a third party who just “want to help you”. They’re probably scammers. Anyone with your Recovery seed can empty your Standard wallet!

Also never give any outsiders your Passhrase (if used) to a Hidden wallet. With the Recovery seed and the corresponding Passphrase, anyone can empty your Hidden wallet!

The Trezor Private key is not necessary to enter anywhere either. Besides, it’s not exportable or possible to view on your Trezor as far as I know. It’s the Public address you sometimes need to export to a third party website, like Metamask.

Also, Metamask has its own set of Recovery seed and Passphrase. None of these are (or should be) the same as in your Trezor.

Ledger uses a different system than Trezor.

The 12 word recovery seed I have from my Meta Mask is what I meant, for my account with tokens on it. Not from Trezor.

Create a new wallet with trezor. Transfer the tokens in the matamask wallet to trezor’s new wallet. Never use the 12words of a hot wallet to restore to a hardware wallet!

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