Non KYC Bitcoin

Hi, I have a Trezor 1 and want to use only non-KYC bitcoin. I don’t have any other coins connected to this key.
In the past I had all sorts of KYC on this key but have now removed them all and have labelled the account 'do not use" to prevent mistakes. I now have a second account on this key (sharing the same seed) for my non-KYC coin.

My question is…Is this enough or can my non-kyc BTC be traced because it is on the same key that has previously held KYC BTC, even though this is a brand new account on that same key?

Hope this makes sense? Thanks very much


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Hi @blackrat,

I’m curious to where you buy Bitcoin without going through a Know Your Customer (KYC) process? I’ve been looking for such an exchange myself but haven’t found any. :slight_smile:

Note that accounts in your Trezor device are not connected to KYC in any way, it’s the online exchanges that often will want to know who you are and it’s through them authorities/people may track funds you bought/sold to you. You can reduce chances of your transactions being traced back to you by using a new Receive address in your Trezor wallet every time you buy new funds.

About account security – so long as you follow Best practices, you get a long way to be secure. But you can also store your funds in Hidden wallet(s) with Passphrase, for instance, split your Recovery seed by using Shamir backup, encrypt your PIN with a SD card (if you have Trezor model T), and other things to increase security.

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Heiii @blackrat

Thanks for the question this is going to be a nice thread I hope.

In this case because your are using the same seed, if I am not mistaken there will be sharing the same xpub/zpub (public key) and because the exchange has this type of info through the address you use, unless you use coinjoin, your KYC will always be linked.
FATF rules dictate that exchanges keep KYC and exchange this info between them. something like that.
One way you can mitigate this is to withdrawl to a lightning wallet, as it can be more private,note NOT TOTALLY private.

To ensure no links I would generate a new seed just for non kyc bitcoin.

For non KYC bitcoin you can use exchanges such as Robosats, Peach, Stealthex, Shapeshift or even Bisq. Please do your own research.

can also mine or get paid in bitcoin this way no kyc needed, does not need to engage with an exchange

This is a big theme so keep the thread going.

chain analysis companies have the ability through the amount of info to discover which wallet you are using through address types. and all other info they are able to analise.

@blackrat do you have any other means of getting non kyc btc of your own

ps: this was not financial advice, please do your own research.

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Hi Petosiris,
Thanks for the reply. I get my Non-KYC from Bisq. It’s a really fantastic way to stay clear of the usual exchanges but does have a bit of a learning curve

Another one is Robosats which uses the lightning network.


Hi RimaS,
Interesting reply and I wasn’t sure, so I checked. The public keys are different on the 2 accounts sharing the same seed, so my guess is, all is well?
My workflow is Bisq to obtain non-kyc BTC, then into Sparrow wallet where it is mixed direct to my Trezor. For spending the opposite is true.
The Sparrow wallet and Trezor always use new receive addresses and i run everything through TOR and soon my own node.
My only real reason for not wanting to start from scratch with the Trezor is because the seed is kept on a cryptosteel and i am too lazy to want to change it. All those little strips of metal are a real pain.
Anyway, thanks for the clue, I think it has led to an answer unless you or anyone knows differently?


for non KYC you can also use ATMs for instance, we have a nice tool that lists ATMs all over the world.

Also, to answer your original question, the easiest is to create a hidden wallet with a passphrase. Or use coinjoin and then transfer to a new seed.

Generally you don’t have to be worried about Trezor address being linked to your exchange account, as long as you have your coins no one can steal your coins from that address anyway and you can always deny it belongs to you.


Hi forgi,
Thanks for the reply. It’s all about privacy for me, i don’t see why anyone should be able to trace what i spend my money on. Thanks for the help.



Do any of these allow direct connection to Trezor?

I’ve been thinking about non KYC and ATMs lately too.

Can someone legally purchase an SMS phone & number without the phone number KYC linking back to the ATM user? Maybe a Tracphone from Walmart with minutes? I’ve never bought a non KYC phone or account, so do they KYC for the “burner” phone too?

Again to reiterate, this is “hypothetical” and I’m not suggesting anyone promote breaking any laws etc., I’m presuming we are all speaking “hypothetically” and none of us our intending or suggesting we would knowingly “break any laws”.


ATMs don’t require phone numbers. At least not in Europe, but I don’t think they do in US either.

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Thanks. I’ve used an ATM in California USA and they do require an SMS at the ones I’ve used.

Just curious whether this a legal non kyc, SMS throw away phone solution someone could easily get for ATM use in this situation. Or maybe there are certain ATM here that I’m unaware of that don’t require phone SMS?