No USDC showing on account

Hi I just exchanged ETh for USDC for the first time , it says approved but the USDC is not showing anywhere ?

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Hi @Greensleeves and @Dev_roseline,

I can confirm that USDC works with Trezor. I’ve used it myself. You can buy USDC at any site that offers it and send it to your Trezor as ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network. Then you may use that USDC later at an exchange to swap to other coins or tokens.

I bought Shiba Inu (SHIB) and swapped it with USDC I had in my Trezor. Note that the exchange you use must offer the pair you want to use, in my case USDC/SHIB, but most major exchanges will offer that. I used UniSwap and imported SHIB there to make it work. Also note that you must have some Ethereum (ETH) in that wallet on your Trezor to cover fees and gas. Those won’t be drawn from your USDC account but from your ETH account.

See here about how to add USDC (or any other ERC-20 token) to your ETH account in Trezor:

See here about how to receive (any) ERC-20 tokens to your Trezor:

The examples in the two links above use LINK and SHIB, respectively, but you can replace those with the ERC-20 token you want. Remember to use the correct token address for your token (and not the LINK or SHIB addresses in the examples, if your token is not LINK or SHIB).

Hi all and thanks for your comments it seems I did not put USDC into my Trevor wallet first, it is strange it gave me an address to exchange to. So I may have lost it ?

If you used a Receive address in your Ethereum (ETH) account and used the Ethereum network to send it to your Trezor, it should be there. Are you certain you are looking in the right wallet? If it’s a Hidden wallet then be sure to use the correct Passphrase to access it.

Hi I used DEX to exchange it, do you how I look for a hidden account. It’s weird because when I log in it shows the whole balance but the USDC is nowhere insight.

If the wallet shows the right balance then it’s probably the correct wallet you’re looking at. Note that ERC-20 tokens won’t add up in their ETH mother’s balance, so if you have $200 of ETH and $100 in USDC, then the ETH balance would show $200, not $300.

In your wallet, select the Ethereum (ETH) account and then Tokens. Then your saved tokens will appear in a list.

You access a Hidden wallet on the login screen in Trezor suite, right after you’ve entered your PIN, by entering your Passphrase instead of selecting your Standard wallet. That is, if you have created a Hidden wallet. If you did create a Hidden wallet then you need to use the correct Passphrase to login. If you enter a different Passphrase, Trezor will create a new Hidden wallet for you, with zero balance in all accounts.

Thank you for your help

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