No Tracking after 7 Business Days


I’ve placed an order on the 28th of July (more than 5 business days now).
And until the current date (06th of August) I’ve not received any updates nor tracking numbers.
My order is showing as “Paid,Processing”.
I’ve already sent the contact form that says it will take 20 business days to get an answer-back.

Can someone please help on this matter?

Hi @Czeysy could you please provide your ticket ID? thank you

Hi @MichalZ,

Here’s my order token: 6A2TAd84xU1vhxTkXzMKEjLWkHkhxS

Thanks in advance

Close to complete 2 weeks now and still no answer, no reply from the support.
I would like to know if there are any issues because it says 2-3 business days. It feels like nobody cares about the customers.

Hi @Czeysy,

Did you open a support ticket? If not, please send one here and then post your ticket ID in this forum, below here. The ticket ID is shown in the subject line in the email you receive after submitting the ticket.

hi @Czeysy Your parcel has already been sent and I DMed you its tracking number.
Apparently dispatch of your order was delayed because one item you have ordered was out of stock for few days.
We do apologize for inconveniences caused.

Hi, @MichalZ and @Petosiris Thank you very much for the quick reply to my post.
I’ve already the tracking number and it will be delivered shortly.
I just wanted to add that for future customers it would be nice to let them know the issues their orders are having it would put them at ease.

Thanks again for the great customer service on this platform!