No movement on UPS Tracking. (Ticket ID: 108403)

I received my shipment notification email from UPS and you on 22/11/2021. UPS email stated the item would be delivered on “Tuesday 23/11/2021” but the tracking hasn’t updated and just states the following:

“Label Created”
“The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible.”

I’ve contacted UPS today and they said something hasn’t been scanned correctly and to contact the sender. I’ve paid express delivery and expected some movement by now on the tracking number.

I’ve opened a ticket today (Ticket ID: 108403) but the automated reply states it could be up to 2 weeks until I receive a reply.

Please can you provide a status.

Hi @mykz, thanks for the ticket ID! One of our agents will get back to you during the day.

I’ve still not received any communication on the ticket I’ve opened.

I’ve spoken with UPS today and they have stated that they haven’t received the package, you have claimed to have shipped. I would like this resolved ASAP or please cancel my order and process a refund as clearly you haven’t shipped the order.