No Firmware prompt received during new Trezor One device installation

In the setting up of my new Trevor One device i realised that I was not prompted to install the latest firmware. As soon as I plugged in the device and visited the Trezor website, the device was recognised and I was taken to the page to create a wallet. From this point, I followed the prompts on the website, including the creation of a backup and setting up a PIN. There was no time during the process that I was prompted to set up a firmware which leads me to believe that a firmware was already installed. Please confirm that this device will need to be returned.

You can wipe your device with Trezor Suite and start over from the start, or go into Bootloader mode and reset the device to Factory reset from the wallet website. Both of these do the same.

Wiping the device in the app actually delete all data associated with the pre-existing accounts, and settings associated with the device but it won’t erase firmware.
In order to do so you have to connect the device in bootloader mode and proceed to factory reset at (as Petosiris has ponited out :wink: )

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Thanks for the pointer; so all of my password and recovery seed will have to be setup again after wiping the firmware, right? Sorry, am not too proud to say that I’m new to using a hardware wallet

after doing factory reset (which erase the firmware) you just replug the device and go to
There you install the firmware again and choose if you want to create new wallet or recover the old one using the recovery seed.
Since you haven’t used your wallet that you created before I suggest you to create a new one (you will be prompted to set up new PIN as well).

How do I connect the device in bootloader mode?

Thank you for your assistance!

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I’ve now wiped my device and the instructions say that I should go to while community support says I should to to Does it matter which one? should be the most recent. It’s the web version of Trezor Suite for desktop (which is the one I use).

Thank you. Is it at this website that I update the firmware?

As I mentioned, I only use Trezor Suite for desktop, so I’ve never used Trezor Suite for web. But read here for how the procedure works: Trezor Suite and firmware updates September 2021 | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

Ok, I do have the suite on my desktop. So I can update the firmware from there?

Yes, so long as you’ve wiped the firmware through Bootloader mode, Trezor Suite will download and install the newest Firmware.

Yes, I completely wiped the device in Bootloader with your help, thank you. I will now follow the instructions using the desktop Suite

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