No confirmation on trezor device

I’m using trezor for axie infinity. I connected it to ronin wallet but when i try to make transactions i only reach the part where i confirm my pass phrase. The confirmation on trezor device doesn’t appear. Anyone have a solution for this?

hi @Jedwinsy
Could you please submit an issue using this form and get back to me here with ticket number.
We will resolve your issue via help desk.
Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Hi. Got almost the same issue but for me I can’t log in to one of my Trezor accounts in ronin but can in another. Please help, Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @robb
could you please be more specific about your issue ?
At what point do you get stuck ?

Hi @MichalZ

So I tried to log in to Ronin market place using my trezor account, after adding my passphrase and confirming it on the trezor device It just goes back to the ronin log in menu.

I’m stucked on this part

hitting confirm will just send me back to ronin log in menu

Please see following topic where is this issue including troubleshooting described:

Hi anyone pls help me, one address in my trezor didn’t make any confirmation, what bad about it is that my axies inside that address can’t do any process because no confirming is displayed in my trezor one… thanks in advance