Nighmare! How to survive?

1.Miners cannot use Trezor T - you will have haemorrhoids such as you have never seen in your life (transactions stucking).

2.After the segwit, such a clowning began: in the suite wallet (FULL, Overfilled = I CANNOT WITHDRAW COINS) of the old version (example for Litecoin: started from ‘3’), in the wallet.trezor of the web version it is new (started from ‘M’) and shows a zero balance. Through the web version, it was possible to transfer from account 1 to account 2 (to defeat stucking), and now this is also impossible.

with no solutions here on the site, maybe they are but everywhere “we answered you by email on your ticket” OMG

A real nightmare, I haven’t experienced such nerves for a very long time

Hi @aqwark,

I see this is the first time you’ve posted in this forum. Do you have a question that’s not been answered before here or did you just want to vent your frustration?

There is no normal solution to the first question.
There is no answer to the second question on the forum.

Come back if you have any questions then.