Nfts Trezor help pls

please need help, bought nfts through my trezor. and the nfts have been sent to my trezor wallet. how do i get it now ??

Hi @Rinzz

Please note that Trezor officially does not support NFTs so this is out of our scope.

what happens to my nfts now? did i lose it?

Please do your own research as this is already out of our scope as stated before.
However there are some threads out there you might find helpful.

friendly reminder: if you’d ever have to expose your private key/ enter it in third party app which is strongly not recommended please make sure that you move all your assets out of the wallet beforehand and you create and start using new seed afterwards.

Hello sir. I had this same issue. I didn’t realize you had to first set up the Trezor with MetaMask before transferring the NFT and I sent it to the ETH address associated with the hardware wallet. My understanding is that you dont support ability to interact with NFT in Suite yet. Is there a way to send the NFT back to the previous address or access my Trezor wallet via another wallet?

Hi @bastiboii, we’ve replied to your ticket, please check your mailbox. However, what MichalZ posted above is the only thing we can suggest, unfortunately.

This is a garbage answer from a garbage company.


Please be civilized and refrain from using such language.

Maybe add some warnings to the packaging of your device? How about an option to restore a hidden wallet off your device to metamask or a wallet that supports NFTs? I tested the NFT transfer with a cheap NFT first, and saw it show up in my opensea profile so I thought it was all good. Saying you don’t support NFTs after the fact is a joke. What kind of company are you running? I paid $200 for the Model T to Lock up thousands of dollars worth of Polygon NFTs. I have the seed. I have the password. And you offer no solutions. I got news for you this is going to keep happening and if you don’t work on a solution then you will be sued, and you will be a distant memory when Ledger takes over the market.

How hard is it to add blind signing to your suite?

Hi @Adroxx ,

First of all I would like to ask you to keep your conversation civilized, this is a public forum. Thank you for that. NFTs are not yet officially and directly supported by Trezor devices. This will most likely happen, but there is no ETA for it at the moment. Yes, it is possible to manage NFTs with third party wallets connected to Trezor, but as mentioned before, it is necessary to do your own research. We list everything we support, and it is necessary to verify this before purchasing Trezor. This is actually necessary with any product you want to buy. You always need to see what it can do before you buy it, I’m sure we agree on that. Thank you for understanding.

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Hmm how is it almost November 2021 and Trezor doesn’t support NFTs yet? Do I have to go get a Ledger or is this something that will be available fairly soon?

Hi @ache75,

please see my reply just above your question.

Thank you.

Got it. So no plans to add NFT support at the moment. Ledger it is then. Thanks.

I got it solved. It required me to buy a Ledger Nano X. Here’s how I did it. I set the Ledger up with a new address and downloaded the app for windows(Not sure If this was necessary to install the software properly?). I then reset the Ledger and the application separately. Without plugging the device into my computer, I scrolled to import with a seed phrase(on the Ledger device). It had me set up a pin first, and then I added my Trezor 12 word seed(had options for 18 and 24 word). After I was finished inputting that, I then went to settings/security and selected the add a passphrase selection. I selected the option to add it to a pin number. After setting one, it had me confirm with the first pin I had made. After that I put in my Trezor hidden wallet passphrase and confirmed it. I plugged in the device and opened the Ledger app on my computer. The device asked for the pin and instead of putting in the first one, I put in the new one I made for the passphrase. The device unlocked and connected to the computer. I used the Ledger app to install the ETH App onto the Ledger and then selected it on the device. On the computer, I signed in to Metamask and deleted my Trezor wallet. I then went to -add a hardware wallet and selected Ledger. My hidden wallets were listed and after importing I was then able to see my NFTs in my Opensea profile and sign transactions on the Ledger device. The Ledger device started overheating and acting funny after it was fully charged. I’d suggest having it about 50-60% charged when doing this process as it will continue to charge when it’s plugged in to the computer.