NFTs Trezor ETC wallet Metamask not sure what I'm doing

Using Metamask on my phone, I sent a couple of low value NFTs to an ETC wallet on my new Trezor T.
Realising that it’s difficult for me to identify whether the NFTs on Trezor T I decided I’d try and send them back using MEW.
But I can’t seem to see the correct HD path when connecting to the Trezor T via Metamask on my desktop. I also cannot seem to connect directly to the Trezor T using MEW.
I’ve never used the Trezor before, I don’t really know what I’m doing.

I’m not concerned about the NFTs, I can see the transaction on etherscan. I just don’t know what I’m doing so I can’t properly see if they’re safe or send them back to the Metamask account I shifted them out of.

Could do some help. It’s not a hidden wallet and I don’t have multiple wallets on the Trezor T so as a starting point I can’t quite figure out why I can’t see the correct HD path.

I don’t know whether your nfts are assets on the etc chain or on the eth chain. Do not mistake the chain, this is the main thing! The default on MM should be the eth wallet.

If I have made that mistake what then? Are they unrecoverable?

I agree that was a stupid thing to do, -to accidentally send something from eth to etc on a hardware wallet that doesn’t have much NFT support.
I have the public etc address. Can I access them using a browser plugin and send them back?

Can trezor support convert the etc wallet to an eth wallet for me do you think?

@4330 you can follow this video, same principle applies.

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Thank you. That makes sense. Haven’t done it yet as MEW keeps suggesting incorrect wallet to addresses (that aren’t the derivation path I pasted) in the pop up transaction confirmation. But I expect that’s resolvable. The principle does make sense and is very much appreciated.

Still learning. Grateful.

“Path not supported”

Any ideas?

It worked! Thanks!!!