NFT不能從trezor ETH地址中轉發出來,應該怎麼樣做?

我剛剛從MM把一個NFT轉到trezor eth地址,完成轉發後發現在opensea不能讀取,再查詢發現nft是成功轉發到trezor錢包中,但就未能見到,試過用合約地址加tokens,可以見到NFTtoken ,但我嘗試轉發出來,但不能成功,我可以用什麼方法取回NFT

That NFT should still be waiting to be opened. Does this situation prevent me from transferring from wallet to MM? What can I do if the situation is as follows? Should I wait for the NFT project to complete before I can transfer the NFT to the original wallet?

It is recommended that you ask your question in that linke I posted.

How should I describe the TREZOR wallet location to Horror? thanks for your suggestion