New User- Test Send to my Trezor account error/mistake?


I’m a new user and was testing out sending ETH from Coinbase to my Trezor. First one went through fine. When I hit the receive button for the second test I didn’t realize the Trezor had given me the exact same receive address. Coinbase sent both sends to the same address and of course the 2nd didn’t show up. These are just test and only a few dollars. is there anyway to trace this from Trezor to retrieve the funds?

Hi @NehocP,

When you want to send ETH to the same wallet, it’ll always give you the same Receive address. That’s normal. If you didn’t expect the second transfer to go to the same wallet, did you want to send ETH to another wallet?

For ETH you will always get the same address per account within your wallet. For some other coins like BTC you get a fresh address each time. It’s just the way the protocols work. The coins WILL reach the address as long the address was entered correctly and there was enough gas (fee) paid with the withdrawal. Coinbase should have sorted out the correct gas fee, so as long as you copied the correct address into withdrawal details the second time round, the coins WILL appear in your Trezor wallet.

The second transaction may take a little longer than the first, that’s all. All depends on network usage.