New update made me a new wallet instead of recovering old one

hi, i recently started using the new TREZOR SUITE website so it made me “recover” my previous wallet, but i think instead it created a new wallet for me, i feel i missordered one word and thats the reason it made a new wallet instead of recovering an old one? what should i do now? USER manual seems to be for old and not trezor suite, cant find a way to recover my old wallet, should i delete this new one and try to recover the ond one? please help

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Hi @jakobgold

Please see following page:

I assume you have verified recovery seed so please reset your device into factory settings and
Recover your wallet from the seed again.

Also, please note that each time you start Trezor Suite you will be presented with the ‘Select wallet type’ modal window:

Standard wallet:

To access your standard wallet (which is not passphrase protected) simply click on ‘Standard wallet’; you will then go straight to the Trezor Suite ‘Dashboard’.

Hidden wallet(s):

To create a new (empty) passphrase-protected hidden wallet, type your chosen passphrase in the input field (which displays the message ‘Enter passphrase’ by default) and click [Access Hidden wallet].

To access hidden wallet repeatedly you have to enter exactly the same passphrase. If the input is off just by one symbol (or extra space which counts as well) you will create new wallet instead.

@jakobgold Still having the issue?

it worked, thanks a lot for the support.

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