New Trezor T successful restore but does not show up on Exodus tabs

I’ve lost/misplaced my original T. I’m sure it is either forgotten or got burned in a big recent clean up. I bought a new T direct from Trezor, with sticker intact. I succeeded restoring and can see my coins using latest T suite desktop (Macbook). I want to move all coins off Exodus onto the new T… but when I open Exodus desktop it shows the name of my original T but no new one. And my coins are all listed under the Original T (named Spike). but no tab appears for the new T (default name My Trezor). I want to empty Spike and see all my coins in My Trezor when using Exodus. This has me puzzled. Please help if you can

Lets say I find my lost T. I have already restored to a new T using the seed words. What would I find on the original T now. I’m pretty sure it will turn up someday.

Hi @Nostromo,

Do I get it right that you use passphrase feature? If so you need to enter the same passphrase when connecting your new Trezor device to Exodus. Then you will access the same wallet with the same private keys.

Generally, when the same recovery seed is used and the same passphrase is entered, the same wallet (with the same set of addresses) is accessed. There is no exception, the public-key cryptography ensures it always generates the same result even when using different interfaces (such as Trezor Suite or Exodus).

Simply put, if you have the same recovery seed stored in your new Trezor device and if you enter the same passphrase when connecting it to Exodus, it is the same for the Exodus as if you connect your lost Trezor device (Exodus cannot recognize the difference). Also, if you have the same recovery seed stored in both devices, they are the same for any interface (Trezor Suite, Exodus, etc.) As mentioned above, if you used passphrase before, you need to use the same passphrase again.

Please stay with me. I’m 70. and stupid.
No I do not use the passphrase… just the initial pass word, one for exodus and one for the T.
First I restored the T using latest updated T suite. I did not understand (and still don’t) what it meant about “Backends”. I just continuted and when I finished I could see my coins on the new T with default name “My Trezor”.
No problem.
I am confused because when I first opened Exodus for a split second it showed 3 tabs. Exodus, Old T and just for a tick “My Trezor”. Then that disappeared. So Now whenever I open Exodus all that appears is Exo and “Old T”… it isnot really named that but best not to say it of course.

So I think something is not right. It seems to be named “Old T” in the Exodus Desktop and Default T name in the Trezor Suite. I think they should both have the same name and I think it should be “My Trezor” until I change it.

Thanks for responding.

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Easiest path remove Exodus and reinstall in. Dont change anything on your Trezor, the wallet should show up now