New Trezor-T; Non-Functioning Touchscreen

Hi there.

Brand new Trezor user. Was hoping it would be an upgrade from my Ledger. Arrived from Trezor with a non-functioning touchscreen. It does not hold a touch, so the “hold to confirm” windows just bounce around, skipping on and off as it registers touch intermittently.

No response at all from Trezor support after week+ of waiting. Very disappointing.

Anyone else have this issue? Basically going to the trash can and a 180 EUR with it at this point.

Hi @demoslidara

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for submitting a ticket. If you received a malfunctioning device, that’s very unfortunate, but even this can happen by the nature of electronic devices. Anyway, in such case, we will send you a replacement. We will contact you as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, thank you for your patience.

Still nothing from anyone on support ticket. In the meantime, here’s some video of the malfunctioning Trezor. It’s pretty lame to get a unit like and then find the support channel so thoroughly underwhelming.

It seems to me that the touch screen is working when you press your thumb on it. Perhaps it’s the function/procedure you try to use that is not working.

About response from support, which you call disappointing and underwhelming, you got a reply yesterday. I’d assume they have registered your case and will notify you as soon as they can. Please be patient, they have other customers than you to support also.

The function I’m trying to use is backup wallet seed… and it’s not better on any other function. The screen intermittently registers touch.

If a forum response promising someone will get around to it after a week of silence on the official support ticket isn’t underwhelming, then I’m not sure what would be.

Support tickets can take upto 20 days. That should be stated in the ticket’s auto reply, I believe.

Yeah. Underwhelming.

Hi @demoslidara

Please, check your inbox. Our colleague replied to you yesterday.

Will check today. Thank you.


Compre el año pasado un trezor model T, funciono perfecto y hace 4 meses aproximadamente me paso lo mismo que mencionas, pedí otro y tras un mes me pasa de nuevo, no puedo estar comprándoles el dispositivo, increible que eso salga tan malo, espero por favor una pronta respuesta, gracias.


tengo en mi casa dos dispositivos model t, con ese problema, no encuentro por ningún lado como llamarlos para pedir garantía, y bueno acá es lo mas cercano que he visto a solucionar mi problema.

Hi @oblind_t

Thank you for reaching out. Please, could you rewrite your issue in English so we have a better understanding? Thanks.