New Trezor, Holograms intact but device inside covered in paper lint / damage to plastic cover?

Just had delivered via Amazon a Trezor. Box arrived sealed, checking all the packaging and box all looked to be properly sealed and not tampered with.

However, really surprised to see the state of the Trezor inside - the clear plastic film over the Trezor was damaged and the sticky side covered in paper lint, as well as having a part which looked like it had been folded / poked.

That’s ringing some alarm bells, as that’s not what I’d expect from a brand new device, hence posting here. Is this OK to use ?

I’ve taken some pictures, but can’t attach them to this post as I’m a new user …


you should be able to post one image in trust level 0. But don’t worry, it is very easy to get to trust level 1, where you can post more images. If you want to learn how these work, have a look into this article: Understanding trust levels.

Alternatively, send a ticket using this form and DM me your ticket ID please.

Hi Kolin,

Thanks - I was trying to add two pictures which may have been the issue.

Here’s the clearest view - this is out of the packaging.I noted the lint and raised plastic cover over the Trezor - is this normal ?

It appears to have setup normally getting the latest firmware etc, but I’d like your opinion as to if this is something to be concerned about or not.

My expectation was for a clean wrapped package given this should be a new device ?


sorry to see you got your device looking like this. Did you buy it directly from us on Amazon or did you buy with any other reseller?

From Amazon, but sold by yourselves - I checked before buying.

This is the listing :

So what’s the view - is this normal, or does this need to go back ?

Hi, this is definitely not meeting our standards, sorry about that. Please, initiate the return directly thru Amazon, they will provide you with a replacement. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this!

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