New Trezor 1 not working properly


I have just gotten my new Trezor 1, set it up and downloaded the Suite. The suite and firmware is also at the latest before I did any transaction.

I created a secret passphrase to use the hidden wallet function then i proceed to test by sending some BCH from my exchange to the wallet. That worked okay and I received my BCH in my wallet. Now on I am faced with 2 issues:

  1. I try to transfer the BCH back to my exchange but I get an error of “Transaction signing error: Failed to compile output”. Why is this happening? Tried to google the problem but no solution worked for me. My Trezor is new, firmware updated, suite updated, address is correct and the amount is really small actually since I just want to test the function.
  2. When I try to access the hidden wallet from browser or other PC, it says it’s empty? Hidden wallet can only be accessed by suite? I’m very sure the passphrase is correct/same.
    [edit] ok by searching around i found the problem that the BCH wallet is not enabled on a new PC. After enabling it then i see the funds. But if i close browser and try again then I need to repeat again. The only way is to install suite on another laptop as well so the settings will be saved?


  1. this message means you are using incorrect address or coin type, make sure you are using valid BCH address and not BTC

  2. your settings should be remembered even after closing browser, try to click remember wallet in the upper left corner

Hi forgi,

Thanks for reply:

  1. Yes I confirmed it’s a BCH address. Also tried it on a different PC and failed. Could there be any other reasons for the failure?

did you try web version too? try also

Does the address start wit q or bitcoincash: ? Check with the other wallet if they support new formats.

Hi yes I tried with web version on another laptop.

The address starts with p …

BCH addresses shouldn’t start with “p”…you have wrong address…

It’s created from Luno. I just try to create another address and it also starts with p.

then check with Luno support, please

Ok I will check with them thanks. Meanwhile can you also provide me with so called “address that Trezor supports?” I plan to store the following coins:

BTC = ??
ETH = ??
BCH = q / bitcoincash:
LTC = ??

I should make sure before transferring anything. Thanks.

Trezor supports all address fortmats of those coins, old legacy and new ones…ETH only has one address type (0x…)

BTC: addresses starting 1, 3, bc1, bc1p
LTC: ltc. L

I did some google check:

All BCH addresses using the new "cash address " format, will start with either the letter "q " or "p "

P is a legit address

Edit: I just feel it’s funny how I can transfer from Luno to Trezor but i can’t do it from Trezor to Luno? And by the way Luno’s LTC address starts with “M” and according to google that should be legit as well.

then add bitcoincash: prefix in front of it

as you can see, if you use converter that’s what it does:

Yes, M is also legit LTC address format, forgot that one…

That worked!!! Thank you so much.

Just wondering if there’s similar prefixes for BTC,ETH,LTC as well? just to avoid me creating more tickets in the future …

no, no such prefixes for those coins.

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