New reduced dogecoin fees - suite vs web wallet


Recently dogecoin dropped the default fees per transaction to something more reasonable given the recent dogecoin price history.

I’m aware of update DOGE fee policy · Issue #4480 · trezor/trezor-suite · GitHub where this change is waiting to be integrated into Trezor Suite.

But right now Trezor Suite still has a fixed 1 doge transaction fee.
But if I connect to wallet-trezor-io (which I haven’t used for a while as Trezor Suite is so good! ) I do get prompted to be able to reduce the fee from the default 1 doge. But it presents some warnings about doing this.
Is it OK to use the web wallet at wallet-trezor-io as a way to send DOGE with reduced fee until Trezor Suite gets updated with the change?

I have two Trezor’s (model T and model 1) and have been impressed how the software has progressively got better since I got them, thanks Trezor team!

Hi @Xah3Ruir, first of all, I am glad to read how happy you are with Trezor Suite! It’s great to receive such feedback.
It is completely alright to use the old Trezor Wallet, some people don’t prefer the Trezor Suite application and are still using the legacy web wallet. However, could you share with me the warnings you are getting?

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Hi, here are the warnings - I just dropped the fee by 1/10 when setting the custom fee as I don’t know how to count dogecoin in “satoshis” that the UI requires… but 0.05 AUD in fees is about 0.16 dogecoin at the prices when I made the screenshot.


Confirmation time cannot be estimated.
Fee: A$0.05
Setting custom fee is not recommended.
If the fee is set too low, the transaction might not be confirmed at all.


The note about custom fee is there just to inform you that if you choose a very low fee, the transaction may be hanging unconfirmed for some time before the sent coins return back to your wallet. However, in any way you could lose your coins. Even if the transaction is not confirmed, the coins are returned to your wallet eventually.

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OK, thanks for that!!

with the low doge fees included in the new Trezor Suite 2021.12 release this is now not an issue