Network for receiving Ethereum on Trezor

Which network must I select when withdrawing Eth from Binance to my Trezor and how can I verify this on my Trezor device before making the transaction?

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It depends on which network you want your ETH in. If you want ETH on BSC, send it to your BSC Trezor wallet. It you want it in your ETH on the Ethereum Chain, send it to your ETH address.

To confirm, Select the chain you want it sent to in Trezor > then confirm the address.

@toranathman beware, Trezor Suite supports only Ethereum network. If you use other networks (BSC, Arbitrum) you won’t be able to see your ETH directly in Trezor Suite, you will need 3rd party app to be able to manage your funds then. Also, you have the real ETH only when using Ethereum network. In case you use some other network you will have so-called pegged token, not a real ETH (for example A-ETH for Arbitrum network).

It is recommended to use Ethereum network if you want to have real ETH and you want to manage them via Trezor Suite.