Need to Recover Seed Words

I was directed by Casa not to write down my seed phrases when setting up 3/5 multisig for 2 of my trezor wallets. I am now feeling uncomfortable with this decision. How do I find the seed phrases on my hardware wallet so I can write them down now? Do I need to wipe the wallet and reset?
Thank you!

Heii @bitcoingrrrrlll

If I am not mistaken the full recovery seed(12/24words) is only shown once.
You do not have the ability to check the entire recovery seed again.

If you have access to the wallets you could your funds out of trezor, wipe the device and start over.

Also check this link
Check seed model T

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Agree with above poster. The seed words are only shown once. I am not sure why CASA would direct anyone to not store seed phrase. If your hardware wallet was destroyed or lost the seed phrase could be used to transfer account to a new hardware wallet to access your crypto.

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