Need help with my seed recovery

Hello! A few days ago I had the misfortune of having a fire in my house, so the recovery seed was destroyed, I can still access my wallet but without the seed, is there any way to see it and get it again to save it?

Hi @Nefiu,

the recovery seed is revealed only once during the initialization process of your Trezor. It is not possible to reveal it again.

In case your recovery seed is lost, the best thing to do is to move all your funds out of your current wallet (of which you no longer possess the recovery seed) into a newly generated wallet (backed up by a newly generated seed). If you have a spare Trezor, please find a step by step manual by using the following link (see section “You have multiple Trezor devices available”)

If you have only one Trezor you have to use a temporary SW wallet that supports coins you need to move. After you wipe your Trezor and create a new Trezor wallet with a new recovery seed, you can move the funds from the temporary SW wallet to the newly created Trezor wallet.

in fact that was going to do, but now that I connect the trezor it asks me to configure it again and asks for the seed.

As I tell you, I don’t have the seed because of what happened that I commented on, now what can I do? I lost absolutely everything?

@Nefiu, see post above.

And click the link there.

If you no longer can access your wallet, there’s nothing you can do without your seed.