My Trezor T keeps making plug and unplug Windows sound

Hey guys,

Just bought my model T. Its installed and backed up. Im wondering if my Trezor T is working properly because it keeps making plug and unplug Windows sound.

Thnx for helping

This probably means a loose connection.

Did you insert the USB cable fully into Trezor? It’s a bit tougher than a typical USB-C device, you need to hear a click.


GM my friend! How are you?!
Im sure its not a loose connection… Ive even used a different cable to make sure.
What is happening is after i connect my Trezor and run the Trezor suite, the plug and unplug Windows sound starts. Ive realized that if my Trezor is connect and Trezor suite is not running nothing happens. Ive also realized that my keyboard starts to malfunction after Trezor and Suite are connected and running.
It is a problem between Trezor + Trezor Suite and my keyboard. What should i do?!

Thnx in advance

Could be some sort of interference. Could also be a faulty device.

Does the Trezor work OK when you try to use it?

Can you check if this happens on a different computer?


Hmmm Trezor seems to work fine but im not sure i havent really used it.

Ok ill try on a notebook and will let you know.

Thnx again!


So Trezor T is working fine on my notebook! No plug and unplug Windows sounds! But theres this message [“Something seems off. Contact support.”]

Id like to make it work on my workstation… Should i just buy another keyboard? Or do you guys have a solution?


do the sounds stop when you unplug your keyboard?

if yes, then it’s probably a good idea to get a new keyboard.

It could also be a power issue in your USB controller on the motherboard, or some sort of wiring problem with the ports – do other USB devices also cause your keyboard to malfunction?

If that’s the case, using a powered USB hub might help.


GM! How are you doing?!

Yes my friend! Its working fine now ive just changed my keyboard and voila. No more issues.

Do you guys have tutorials on how to connect Metamask to Model T and also Ronin?

Thnx for your time and thnx for fast replies! I appreciate it.

Ronin I’d not recommend using, due to the huge number of problems with it, but you can watch two videos which’ll tell you most things you need to know:

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Ok and thnx for the videos!!!


Yeah im not risking using Ronin at this very moment thnx!!

Ive watched those videos but still ive got some very basic doubts that i need to clear if you may…

Hmmm in my metamask i have accounts from different networks (Bsc, Ethereum…) so when i connect Trezor to metamask im connecting to all my networks/accs at once?

How can i add more coins to my wallet?

If Trezor supports $CAKE for example, can i send $CAKE to my TrezorWallet and even so stake it at pancakeswap? How does that work?



Sorry about the late reply!

You can use CAKE with Trezor through Metamask, after you make a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet in Metamask. About staking them from there, I don’t know, but you can try through the Trezor connected Metamask wallet. Either it works or Metamask gives you an error, I suppose, but I’ve never tried it myself.

About adding new coins (or tokens) to your Trezor, it depends on what you want to add. Trezor supports all ERC-20 tokens over the Ethereum network, for instance. Here’s a recipe I made as an example of how to add an ERC-20 token.

Hey Petosiris good morning,

Yeah ive manage to solve those issues! Ive watched some videos and im fine for now!! Tyvm!
Talk to you later i guess.

Good news that you solved the issues! :slight_smile:
If you would please post the solution(s) here, then others may benefit from it too.


Hey man how are you?!

Hmmmm i havent touched Ronin/Axies yet… Ill try with my personal team before i do to scholars… if i have no problem ill post here…

About staking $CAKE…
After i connected my Trezor T to Metamask i sent my $CAKE from my “old” Metamask Wallet address to my “new” Metamask Trezor HardWallet address. Smooth no problems… I cannot see any $CAKE from TrezorSuite due to not being fully supported yet but i can see my $CAKE on my “new” Metamask HardWallet address. (i had to add $CAKE contract to that Metamask)
After that i connected my Metamask HardWallet (new address - the one holding $CAKE) to PancakeSwap then just pick where to stake and confirm transactions with Trezor T.

I have also just managed to add Matic Network to Trezor T via Metamask. No problems aswell… i havent staked or anything but it seems to be working fine!

Ive searched about KardiaChain but it seems that its not supported. Tomorrow ill try securing Solano wallet but i dont know if its supported aswell. Ill check it tomorrow.

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Hey Renato,

Sounds like you’re doing great with your Trezor. That’s good to hear. While exploring new possibilities you’ll learn a ton of new things, which is fun in itself. Just be careful going forward and do research on beforehand, and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

Hey man sup!

Yeah! Im having fun and learning… and of course going slowly… take care and good luck!!

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