My trezor Model T just got hacked ! help! btc just got transferred to an unknown address!

I don’t know how this happened, I just installed the Trezor suite to my new pc and was just working on getting things ready and a few minutes later when I came back I saw that there was a transaction that it sent out all my BTC to this unknown address, my trezor didn’t ask me for any confirmation, the btc just transferred ! how is this possible, I thought all transfer must been pin enabled for the fund to go out. It happened 12:36pm 7/9/21
I have the BTC address is there any way that Trezor can help us recover the fund?

Sorry to hear about your loss. Your funds will not recover. I think you messed up somewhere check if you have followed points mentioned below:

  1. Did you purchase Trezor directly from the official Trezor shop? If not then you are scammed by the third-party seller.
  2. Did you install firmware when you received your device the very first time? Did you check if the firmware is genuine by cross-checking the security code of that update?
  3. Did you lose your paper recovery seed? Or perhaps somebody accessed your device and they knew your PIN. ‘‘Best friend’’ or ‘‘Girl Friend’’?

I actually know what happened, so It was my own mistake , but here is what happened.
I was installing Trezor on my new pc , and when i entered the website, it took me to instead of the , and from there I was hacked as the hacked site was acting as setup and made me do all the setup and entering seed. Yes I am stupid and I didn’t realize I was in the hacked site.


Hard lesson learned but ! I can’t believe that if you go to google or bing , that the top sponsored search when you enter into google is actually the sponser hack link !!! this is not right !

Unfortunately, by all indications, it seems that you’ve been a victim to a crime which I am very sorry about.
As of now, I wholeheartedly recommend you contact the authorities (if you haven’t already) and report a theft.
Recently we detected several phishing sites designed to lure people to enter their recovery seed online. These sites do not serve any other function than that.

Even though it has already been mentioned I will describe again how it works (for other users): Some malicious actors create an almost identical copy of Trezor Wallet site ( and register a seemingly familiar domain with some variant of “Trezor” in its name. Then they pay Google for promoting this domain with the fake site to get it amongst the top search results for “Trezor”.After a potential victim (you, in this case) arrives at this fake site, they are presented with some fabricated technical error message and prompted to enter their recovery seed to regain access to their accounts. After entering the seed words into a prepared form, the seed is forwarded to scammers running the site who, at that point, gain access to all funds of the unfortunate victims falling into this trap and send the funds away. The fake-site visitor is then typically redirected to our genuine site to minimize the confusion. This is most likely how your coins got stolen.

It is crucial for you to understand that the recovery seed is an express pass to all of your accounts. Trezor company is not a bank, we hold no control over your accounts, nor have we an access to it. There is no other backup of it other than that which you created when you initialized your device. We do not store any information about the seeds or activity of our users. In other words, the responsibility to keep your recovery seed safe, isolated and never exposed online (especially in the direct order) falls exclusively and entirely on the individual users. For more info on the recovery seed, please, refer to our user manual: Recovery seed - Trezor Wiki

Unfortunately, by the nature of cryptocurrencies, the once confirmed transaction cannot be reverted anyhow.