My trezor device is not turning on

before some days i used it and made a transaction. today i agaib hold it for another transaction and connected to my laptop which have Window 10, its screen [ laptop screen] asking pin i just hold my device to see the numbers and what???
the device screen is blank. there is nothing, i cant see any number so i can input in website,
Please help me with it.
i have only pin , I dont have any backup

Hi @vineet9899

Could you please submit a request using this form and get back to me here with a ticket ID.
Please attach a video so we could eventually proceed to RMA however please note that if you did not backed up your wallet you unfortunately won’t be able to recover it.

i have not backup…i dont know if it had anyback. i only created my PIN and started using it.
please try to help

If you haven backed up your device there is unfortunately nothing we can do to help (assuming your device is bricked).

Backing up the device is the most essential process when it comes to using hardware wallet.
That’s why you are also being warned if you skip the backup during initialization and every single time you access the wallet that has not been backed up.

My younger brother make it happen, he repaired the whole device.
i lost all my hope that i can recover the fund, But my bro made it happen,
i request you guys that please make any mechanism that anyone can recover his data.
Everyone is not enough lucky.

I am happy to hear that you were able to get into your device!
however now when you are able to get into your wallet I strongly suggest you to back up your wallet by writing down your seed (if it hasn’t been shown to you already) as it is the only way of recovering your wallet in emergency situations.