My trezor asks for passphrase every transaction

Every time I make a transaction using my trezor, I always get a pop up of TrezorConnect | Trezor and it always asks for my passphrase. This happens for the first transaction after booting, wherein I press the remember me button. The problem is that this also happens for every subsequent transactions after the first where I get asked for my passphrase every time. I have tried resetting my computer multiple times, plugging in/out the usb.

In case this is an issue, I have two different chrome accounts that separately use a different hidden wallet.

May I know how I can fix this? It’s kinda annoying having to input my passphrase for every transaction.

Hi @DegenSpoderman,

Just leave the Passphrase field blank if you don’t use a Hidden wallet. Please provide some more info.

I guess you’re using a 3rd party site, since Trezor Connect pops up? Then it may be that site which requires a reconnect too often. Or you somehow lose connection. It’s normal to require you to sign every transaction though, but that should suffice with your Trezor device.

I have two hidden wallets. Both of which I access using two different chrome accounts.

I use both websites that require a lot of transaction and don’t. Both have the same issues where I have to input my password every transaction. I believe that my trezor does not lose connection with the computer because It doesn’t ask for a pin for every transaction.

you cannot !
A passphrase can be said to be a proof of possession for a hidden wallet. When your trezor is connected to MM and a hidden wallet is created, a passphrase must be required every time you send. The seed of your trezor, plus the passphrase, is the private key to your hidden wallet, which can be used to sign transactions.
If you use a standard wallet instead of a hidden wallet, you won’t be asked for a passphrase.