My second BTC transaction to exactly the same address on Trezor...but this one didn't show up

Hi all,
Created a new Bech32 BTC wallet on my Trezor One for accounting purposes. Set up the withdraw wallet address on Kraken.
Made the first transaction to it back on April 18 pinged through no problem. This transaction and balance shows on the Trezor Suite wallet created.
Yesterday withdrew BTC from Kraken to the exact same Trezor wallet address set up last month. Kraken show successful withdrawal of BTC - Trezor wallet showing nothing.
I’ve researched the transactions on blockstream and it’s weird. When I search the withdrawal address it says the confirmed tx count is 3.
I have only sent two transactions to this wallet, the first one and yesterdays which is not showing up.
Anyone seen this before…and know what i should do? I’ve been using Trezor for years and never seen this.

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is the the transaction confirmed on blockchain?

if yes, do you see other transactions in your wallet? Are you using passphrase?

Yes and no

  • when you look at the first transaction on 4/18 you see it go to the address created then it gets “spent” to the address it now resides at on the Trezor as below
    |TYPE| xyz…
    |SPENDING TX| xyz…(address btc currently is on trezor)

  • when you look at the second transaction on 5/24 you see it go to the same address created but the spending tx just states “Unspent” as below
    |SPENDING TX| Unspent

When a transaction is complete it looks like this:
Spent by 53de3482___________________________18cecf03:0 in block #73___6

To your questions I see only the first transaction in this wallet and am not using passphrase.

send a full transaction ID please

Hi forgi thanks for your help, I’m leery of sharing info on here.

  • Tx confirmation: 5923364b959b41ffa7e46e9f9347b28a07293a6a60b3b086ff6936c7e3821db9

As of now just over 400 confirmations, when you look through the individual transactions at this block height there are loads (including mine) that remain “Unspent”…I’d love to know what this means.

if you do not see transaction in your wallet then you are looking into the wrong one, you can check if your tx arrived if you search for your address here:

I search the destination wallet address sent to from Kraken (I’ve never changed this) says confirmed 3 transactions, odd because I’ve only withdrawn to this wallet address twice, and it shows a balance that does no include what I recently withdrew to it.

  • Open another tab and search the confirmation of the first transaction on 4/18…I can find it with the withdraw amount a red arrow and the original withdraw address.
  • Open a third tab and search the confirmation of the second transaction on 5/24…I can find it with the withdraw amount a green x and the original withdraw address.
    …do you know why they are different when I don’t think I did anything different?

the point is if you see it it your wallet or not.

You made a withdrawal, that’s why it says 3 transactions. I suggest to contact Kraken or open a support ticket.

Thanks forgi - I opened a ticket already.
No, I’ve never spent any btc from the address created back in April I’ve only sent btc to it from Kraken twice.
Once on 4/18 successfully the amount shows at another wallet address under this account in Trezor suite which seems to have been created automatically.
**I guess this would be the third “spend” for the wallet seen in the blockchain
**this occurred without any action by me.
The second time on 5/24 is missing
**it seems like that second step which occurred automatically last time on 4/18 has not happened this time.

Further; you can see the second one “unspent” in the blockchain at the original wallet address created, and by searching the transaction confirmation.

Do you know how I might be able to see the original wallet address created in Trezor suite?

what is the ticket number,please?

Ticket number is 138215