My pin stopped working, any advice? ▫

Pin stopped working any advice would be great

Hi @ryanpower101

If you have your recovery seed (and passphrase), then you can wipe your device as instructed:
User manual:Wiping the Trezor device - Trezor Wiki (Trezor One)
User manual:Wiping the Trezor device - Trezor Wiki (Trezor T)

And recover your wallet easily afterwards:
User manual:Recovery - Trezor Wiki (Trezor One)
User manual:Recovery - Trezor Wiki (Trezor T)

What do you mean by wipe my device?
will I loose my crypto on my device?

No, you won’t, if you have your recovery seed.

Let me explain, on your Trezor device is stored only your private key (your recovery seed in other words) which never leaves the device. There are no coins stored on your Trezor device. Surprised? If so, please with continue our blog post Where in the world are my coins?, available from Anyway, your coins remain on blockchain, on some (public) addresses.

But the trick is that you are the only one who can transfer these coins (assuming you are the only one having the seed). The scheme derivation is as follow: Recovery seed Account private key Private key Public key → Address. Public-key cryptography ensures that it is not possible to go backward - knowing the address does not make it possible to find the associated private key or recovery seed. Feel free to learn more about from our blog post Wallet, Accounts and Addresses, available from

To sum it up, the only thing which really matters is keeping your seed safe by any means.

Therefore, if your Trezor device is lost, not working, your PIN is forgotten etc. (or SatoshiLabs shuts down a business), you can recover your wallet easily by using any compatible app, or any other hw wallet following BIP-39. See some compatible third-party apps Apps - Trezor Wiki. This process can be reproduced with the same result at any time, even offline. You can simply recover your wallet by using your recovery seed (and passphrase) with any other compatible hardware wallet / app when it’s needed.